Bulgarian Cultural Center "Ripni Kalinke" is a non-profit organization, with a purpose to develop and enrich the Bulgarian culture in the area, and enhance its awareness to the community at large, by offering a diversified selection of quality cultural experiences through artistic expression, education and the performing arts.
Current activities by BCC "Ripni Kalinke"
The organization is registered as a 501(c)(3) charity and it currently pursues its mission by offering the following selection of cultural experiences:
- Weekly Bulgarian folk dance class. This class is open to the public and is designed to present the richness and diversity of Bulgarian folklore dance and music. There no requirements for the class as the first 45 minutes each week are devoted to beginners and then the remaining of the class continues at a more advanced level. The dances are currently taught by members of the advanced group. Once a month class is conducted by Yulian Yordanov. Former instructors include Tanya Kostova and Yulian Yordanov. More information you can find here.
- Weekly Bulgarian Folklore singing class. This class is taught by the world renowned Bulgarian singer Maria Bebelekova, as a joint initiative with the Bulgarian School "Khan Asparuh" in Sunnyvale, CA. This class is also open to the public, and is taught to both children and adults. More information you can find here.
- Bulgarian Folk Formation "Ripni Kalinke". This group prepares additional custom choreographies and presents them on stage at various folklore festivals, concerts, celebrations or other events. The group has gained recognition both in the area and at a national level, after performances at festivals in the San Francisco Bay Area, Sacramento and Chicago. More information you can find here.
- Bulgarian Movie Nights. The cultural center organizes on a regular basis the presentation of Bulgarian cinema - both the classical and the more recent periods. The movie presentation is usually coupled with meals and fold dances for a more rounded, comprehensive experience. More information here.
- Dance Workshops. Dance Workshops are occasionally organized with visiting choreographers, who present new and different approaches, styles and dances to the public at large, which provides a welcome enrichment for the local folk dance community. 
- Concerts with visiting Bulgarian musicians. The cultural center also presents visiting Bulgarian groups and individual musicians by organizing concerts for the local community to enjoy. Recent concerts have presented Orkestar Meze (from Los Angeles, CA) and Theodosii Spassov and Balkansky from Bulgaria. 
- Celebrations of traditional Bulgarian holidays. The big Bulgarian holidays are celebrated in various settings (both indoors and outdoors), with plenty of folklore music and dances, in addition to an excellent traditional food. Past holidays celebrated include March 3rd (National holiday), March 8th (International Women's day), May holidays (St.George's day - May 6th, and the Day of Bulgarian Culture - May 24), Easter (usually in April) and others. 
- Presenting Bulgarian cuisine. The cultural center presents traditional Bulgarian cuisine at its events whenever possible, either through working with local Bulgarian catering companies, or through potluck type of events, where home cooked meals are presented and enjoyed by all.
- Presenting local artists. Whenever appropriate and possible, local artists are presented at events to show their craft to the attending audience.
History of the organization:
Bulgarian Folk Formation "Ripni Kalinke" was founded in San Jose, California (Silicon Valley) on 26 October, 2010 (St. Dimitar’s day, which in Bulgarian Folklore marks the beginning of winter). The group was created through the effort of few enthusiasts who did not know each other, but had the same love and passion for Bulgarian folklore.
The original goal of the formation was to create an environment where anyone who likes Bulgarian folklore can join, have fun dancing, relax and be among friends - not just as another dance formation, but as a group of people who care about and help each other, who have the need to be together and feel like part of a family. The true treasure of the formation is the camaraderie and love for what we all have created; a group that fulfills for all of us the need to feel and be Bulgarians outside the borders of our country. Anyone who likes the Bulgarian folklore or wants to get a feel of it is welcome to become a part of our family.
The goal of the organization later evolved further, and while keeping the original priority to create and maintain a close community of Bulgarian folklore enthusiasts, it expanded towards developing the performance group, and in 2012 the group started formally presenting custom choreographies on stage at various festivals and celebrations.
In 2013 the organization formally incorporated as a non-profit corporation and filed for 501(c)(3) status with IRS. The mission of the organization further expanded to include all areas of Bulgarian culture, and while the group kept in full force its core focus on Bulgarian folklore dance study, choreography development and formal presentation, it added other areas like folklore singing, Bulgarian movies, traditional and modern performing arts, Bulgarian traditional cuisine, visual arts etc. 
Bulgarian Cultural Center "Ripni Kalinke" also puts significant importance on cooperation with other Bulgarian organizations in the area presenting Bulgarian culture in its various forms, and actively supports and fosters cooperation in whatever form is appropriate - joint events, dance presentations at other events, inviting services from other organizations, communicating and endorsing event by other Bulgarian organizations.
Contact information:
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Mailing address: 3295 Pappani Way, San Jose, CA 95148