Easter with Ripni Kalinke Looks like RAIN we will be at the Clubhouse of the Red Oak Townhomes, 240 Red Oak Dr. W, Sunnyvale.

2 minutes away from the Park! 

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We will gather together for Easter again! This year we expect guests from near and far! Make your cakes, there will be prizes! Bring Easter eggs, and we'll see who has the strongest and who has the most beautiful! Special prizes for the best lamb!

The children will hunt for a big egg with a special prize!

Kalinke and friends expect you all to join in the fun! Bulgarian music, songs and dances until we are too tired!

Bring what you need to eat and drink. If you have a comfortable folding chairs bring them. The park has basketball and volleyball courts, for lovers of football has a large lawn and playground.

Where: Ponderosa Park, area 2

12 PM April 16th

811 Henderson Ave, Sunnyvale