Bulgarian Movie Night with "Ripni Kalinke"

"Faith Love + Whiskey" (2012)




Saturday, October 10, 2015

Come join us celebrate the new age of Bulgarian cinema with this edgy romantic drama, "Faith Love + Whiskey" from 2012, winner of multiple international awards.

Wine and snacks will be provided.

The film follows a young Bulgarian woman named Neli (played by the lovely Lidia Indjova) who is engaged to the perfect, successful and handsome Scott (John Keabler). They live in a high-rise in NYC and will soon be married into the ‘American Dream.’ But Neli panics and decides to flee the dream to return  to her home country of Bulgaria where she reunites with her drifter friends and the wild life of her past. She soon falls back in love with her old friend, Val (Valeri Yordanov) who, although charming and fun, makes a living out of drinking, partying and clubbing. When Neli’s fiancee, Scott, gets on a plane to go to Bulgaria to search for her, she must make a choice between two opposing futures.