Hello Kalinke and Friends, 

Welcome back to the park in Sunnyvale to celebrate Easter with delicious cakes, colored eggs, lots of music and people.

As always there will be surprises and there will be prizes!
Prize for the most delicious cake!
Award for the most beautiful Easter egg!
Award for the strongest Easter Egg!
Prize for the most delicious cooked lamb!
Prize for each child who participates in the opening of the largest egg!
Roll up your sleeves, knead, paint, cook ...

Bring a picnic for the whole family. If you have  comfortable folding chairs bring them.
The park has basketball and volleyball courts, for lovers of football has a large lawn and playground.

When: May 1, 2016, Sunday - 12pm
Where: Ponderosa Park, area 3
811 Henderson Ave

Bulgarian Cultural Center "Ripni Kalinke"

Croatian Cultural Center in San Francisco

and Ani Gogova present


the internationally renowned audio-visual art project


Balkansky Poster Narrow2 Featuring

/world-renowned kaval virtuoso, trumpet & voice;
UNESCO Artist for Peace, 2015/

/electronic music, programming and mixing. He is currently one of the hottest DJs on the electronic music scene in Europe/

/video art arrangements and concept,
groundbreaking artist and producer of unusual talent/

Sunday, December 6, 2015

at the Croatian Cultural Center
60 Onondaga Ave, San Francisco, CA 94112
"Balkansky is an exceptionally original, even groundbreaking project spearheaded by three equally exceptionally, original, and groundbreaking artists of unusual talent and international renown."
Donna A. Buchanan, Associate Professor, Chair Musicology Division, University of Illinois

Welcome to a joyous evening of unique live improvisation mix of traditional Bulgarian & Balkan music, contemporary electronic music, jazz and visual art. It will take you to another dimension of your senses. The one and only of this kind in the world!

БALKANSKY is an audio-visual art project that combines traditional Bulgarian music with electronic sound and vision. It is realized in collaboration between Ivo Christov and Ivan Shopov. Later on the musical legend Theodosii Spassov joined the project and nowadays, all three of them present the project live all around the world. When the project is presented as a live act it includes music performed by Theodosii Spassov, mixed with electronic sounds and beats by Ivan Shopov and interactive visuals from Ivo Christov.
Balkansky Collage
Doors open at 6:00 pm, show starts at 7:30 pm.

Dinner (Bulgarian traditional menu), deserts, soft drinks and alcohol will be available to purchase at the event.
After 5:00 pm, tickets will be available at the door.
Tickets purchased before December 1st - $28 (Students & Seniors - $20)
Tickets purchased on December 1st or later - $35 (Students & Seniors - $25)
Tickets at the door at the day of the event - $40 (Students & Seniors - $30)
Children 12-18 years old - $15 (Children under 12 - $5 or Free without seat)
 For questions or more information: 972-876-0545, or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Balkansky Sponsors
RK Logo 214
Dear Ripni Kalinke Family and Friends,
It’s hard to believe that it has been five years since we formed our beloved dance group, Ripni Kalinke.
Let us come together again in celebration of the friendship formed through the year, and the love we share for Bulgarian culture and dance.
We will enjoy performance by Vasil Bebelekov on bagpipe, which is always a guaranteed great time. Valentin Ivanov will be entertaining everyone with his musical selections and keeping the energy going throughout the night.
Date:Saturday November 7, 2015 5:00pm
Address:  San Jose Masonic Center, 
                  2500 Masonic Drive, San Jose, CA 95125
Free Entrance and parking
Be ready to dance!
Feel free to invite your families and friends to join the dance marathon!
Bulgarian food, prepared by Hristo, and non-alcoholic drinks will be available for purchase. Your own alcohol is welcome to bring and share (alcohol will not be available for purchase)

Bulgarian Movie Night with "Ripni Kalinke"

"Faith Love + Whiskey" (2012)




Saturday, October 10, 2015

Come join us celebrate the new age of Bulgarian cinema with this edgy romantic drama, "Faith Love + Whiskey" from 2012, winner of multiple international awards.

Wine and snacks will be provided.

The film follows a young Bulgarian woman named Neli (played by the lovely Lidia Indjova) who is engaged to the perfect, successful and handsome Scott (John Keabler). They live in a high-rise in NYC and will soon be married into the ‘American Dream.’ But Neli panics and decides to flee the dream to return  to her home country of Bulgaria where she reunites with her drifter friends and the wild life of her past. She soon falls back in love with her old friend, Val (Valeri Yordanov) who, although charming and fun, makes a living out of drinking, partying and clubbing. When Neli’s fiancee, Scott, gets on a plane to go to Bulgaria to search for her, she must make a choice between two opposing futures.


May Celebrations Movie Night


Come conclude the month of Bulgarian Culture

with a comedy from the new generation of Bulgarian movies!


Mission London



Saturday, May 30, 2015 - 6 pm

Address: 1205 Pine Ave, San Jose, CA 95125

(same address as the Thursday Dance Class)


Wine & appetizers will be provided.

Bring a meal and share! (Potluck style)

Free entrance - everyone is invited!


More about the movie:

A concert to celebrate Bulgaria joining the EU is being planned at the Embassy in London and it is the job of VARADIN, the new ambassador, to ensure the Queen attends. But with corrupt staff, criminal gangs operating out of the kitchen, falling in love with a stripper and a little misunderstanding with a PR firm that provides look-alike royalties - his simple task turns into a chaotic nightmare.


March 8 Celebration & Movie Night


Come celebrate the International Women's Day

with a heartwarming Bulgarian movie!


The World Is Big and Salvation Lurks Around the Corner

(Светът е Голям и Спасение Дебне Отвсякъде)

the world is big


Saturday, March 7, 2015 - 6 pm

Address: 1205 Pine Ave, San Jose, CA 95125

(same address as the Thursday Dance Class)


Wine & appetizers will be provided.

After the movie, we'll continue with a dance party!

Free entrance - everyone is invited!


More about the movie:

Bottom Line: Grandfather and amnesiac grandson hit the road in this heartwarming winner from Bulgaria.

PALM SPRINGS, 2010 -- This must be the most unwieldy movie title of the year: "The World Is Big and Salvation Lurks Around the Corner." And the film comes from Bulgaria, a country not yet known for a dazzling cinematic output. But happy surprises help to keep moviegoers hooked, and "World" turns out to be an unexpected charmer, one of the major crowd-pleasers at this year's Palm Springs International Film Festival -- where it was the runner-up for best narrative feature -- and a likely contender for a best foreign-language film Oscar nomination.

 Director Stephan Komandarev adapted the film from a novel by Ilija Trojanow that was inspired by the author's real-life experiences. The engaging intergenerational tale has boxoffice appeal, but it needs an Oscar win or at least a nomination to secure a distributor.

"World" centers on Alexander (played by Blagovest Mutafchiev as a child and Carlo Ljubek as an adult), who was born in 1975 in Bulgaria. During the oppressive communist era, he and his parents immigrate to Germany. But when an automobile accident takes the parents' lives, Alexander's beloved grandfather, Bai Dan (Miki Manojlovic), comes to tend to him. The young man is suffering from amnesia as a result of the accident, and Bai Dan decides to try to restore his memories by taking him on a bicycle journey back to the town in Bulgaria where he was born.


Bai Dan, a backgammon champion and force of nature, is the kind of charismatic grandfather figure that movies often have relished. But the performance by Manojlovic (a veteran of several Emir Kusturica films) is so vigorous and unsentimental that the character never seems generic. Many tasty, unconventional details enrich the narrative; among the most powerful scenes are those in which Alexander and his parents are confined in an Italian refugee camp while they attempt to seek asylum in Germany. These beautifully detailed episodes give the universal trauma of immigration a precise, painfully human focus.

Manojlovic's commanding performance is matched by that of Hristo Mutafchiev as Alexander's conflicted father. Mutafchiev's real-life son is delightfully unself-conscious as the young Alexander, though the handsome Ljubek is more stilted in the adult role. The family scenes have enormous warmth, and the images are striking, but sharper editing would enhance the film. "World" has at least a couple of false endings.

Despite ragged patches, the film's wealth of humorous and harrowing moments make it one of the more original road movies you're likely to see.

Venue: Palm Springs International Film Festival

Cast: Miki Manojlovic, Carlo Ljubek, Hristo Mutafchiev, Ana Papadopulu, Stefan Valdobrev, Blagovest Mutafchiev
Director: Stephan Komandarev
Screenwriters: Stephan Komandarev, Yuri Datchev, Dusan Milic, Ilija Trojanow
Based on the novel by: Ilija Trojanow
Producers: Stefan Kitanov, Karl Baumgartner, Thanassis Karathanos, Danijel Hocevar, Andras Muhi
Director of photography: Emil Hristow
Production designer: Anastas Yanakyev
Music: Stefan Valdobrev
Costume designers: Sonja Hesse, Marta Mironska
Editor: Nina Altaparmakova
No rating, 110 minutes




will celebrate its



November 1st, Saturday, 2014



San Jose Masonic Center


Entrance is FREE

Suggested donation: $10


Food and drinks will be available for purchase.





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On tour in 2014 

 Bulgarika events in Northern California:

Thursday, 10/16 in Chico, CA
 Friday, 10/17 in Mill Valley, CA
 Saturday, 10/18 (Afternoon) in Sebastopol, CA
 Saturday, 10/18 (Evening) in Santa Cruz, CA
 Wednesday, 10/22 in Berkeley, CA
 Friday, 10/24 in Berkeley, CA


The event on Sunday, 10/19 with Ripni Kalinke has been cancelled and a full refund will be issued for all tickets already purchased.


"BULGARIKA 2014" features:
Donka Koleva - vocals
Vassil Bebelekov - kaba and djura gaidas
Dragni Dragnev - kaval, gaida, keyboard
Nikolay Kolev - gadulka, composer


The music of Bulgaria, a country long considered a cultural crossroads, is known for hauntingly expressive melodies, fascinating irregular rhythms and fiery dance tempos. In 2007 some of that country's finest musicians formed the band “BULGARIKA”, featuring music ranging from pure folklore to contemporary folk compositions. Comprised of gadulka virtuoso Nikolay Kolev, internationally-renowned singer Donka Koleva and select musicians, “BULGARIKA” performs at concerts, parties, educational institutions and other public and private venues across the U.S. and internationally. “BULGARIKA 2014” tour presents “Horoto e Vechno” - “The Dance is Eternal” - and invites you to experience the unique range of Bulgarian rhythms and dances and savor a taste of the Bulgarian lifestyle.


Thank you again for the support and enjoy the events!


Balkan Zumba


Starts at 7:30 pm on Thursday, May 22,

at the following address:

1205 Pine Ave, San Jose, CA 95125

Entrance: $10

After the Balkan Zumba, we will continue with Bulgarian Folk Dances